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Grocery Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Plan and manage daily operations of grocery store.

Ensure compliance with store policies and regulations.

Provide excellent services to meet customer needs.

Maintain the store clean, safe and orderly.

Order merchandises in advance to avoid out-of-stock conditions.

Stock, store and rotate products to avoid any damages.

Ensure that shelves are fully stacked with fresh products.

Place store displays and ensure that products are properly labeled and tagged.

Greet customers and respond to their queries courteously.

Oversee the movement of merchandises between store shelves and storage areas.

Follow dress code policies and sanitation guidelines.

Supervise other staffs in their assigned job duties.

Process customer orders and handle timely product deliveries.

Oversee price changes on daily basis and manage cash register as needed.

Build positive work environment to achieve store goals.

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