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Grocery Stocker Reponsibilities and Duties

Monitor all grocery items and provide appropriate labels and price tags to all commodities and stack all goods on required shelves.

Monitor inventory of all store goods and assist to replenish all stock as per requirement and maintain track of all shelf life for various goods.

Administer all perishable goods and ensure maintenance of efficient temperature.

Prepare inventory of grocery products and ensure regular count on same.

Manage all stock room grocery items at required temperature.

Maintain and ensure proper cleanliness of work area at all times and display all new products and promotional offer as per requirement.

Coordinate with supervisor and report all damages in grocery products and perform all functions of sales teams.

Arrange all display aisles at entrance of store and set up all products.

Monitor all walking areas and ensure cleanliness of same to prevent safety of all workers and customers alike.

Maintain knowledge on all expiration date of products and ensure replacement with new products if product is expired.

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