Parts Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and resolve all parts issues and monitor all requests for same from all branch locations.

Monitor and correct invoices if required and prepare all papers for delivery and issue all parts and tools for technicians.

Administer and maintain stock of all parts and tools and evaluate all work order and maintain information on all ledger codes.

Maintain inventory of all stock delivered items and prepare appropriate purchase orders as per requirement and remove all obsolete supplies from inventory.

Administer and maintain parts inventory for assign locations and manage all purchasing of office supplies.

Manage all warranty part return from customer and processes all receipts and invoices received from suppliers.

Evaluate vendor performance and facilitate required repairs.

Manage all immediate repairs and place orders for all parts and monitor all requests for heavy equipment parts and maintain physical inventory for same.

Review and perform physical count of all inventory reports and prepare requisitions for all automotive and heavy equipment parts.

Maintain neat and clean parts room at all times and recommend ways to improve efficiency and reduce downtime and provide optimal level of customer services.

Greet all customers and vendors on telephone pleasantly and prepare schedule for preventative maintenance to customers.

Perform efficient facility maintenance and resolve all customer inquiries.

Manage all parcel shipments on everyday basis.

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