Risk Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Guide line managers to determine and oversee Key Risk Indicators representing early risk indicators.

Prepare risk materials for Risk Advisory Council and develop aggregate operational risk reports.

Foster a servicing environment through loan servicing audits and reviews and confirm appropriate controls.

Review processes for efficiency and execute new procedures to assess risk impact on enterprise.

Assess and oversee industry changes impact and offerings with JPM infrastructure change.

Propose suggestions to business and oversee and track action plans.

Escalate deficiency patterns to senior management of EO and SRM on time.

Support business unit management to determine and address problems on time.

Handle training sessions for business units and corporate functions to use supporting technology.

Oversee revised business practices, system changes and policies to identify and address risks.

Set goals and responsibilities to encourage teamwork and innovation.

Offer technical expertise in ORM Framework development and execution, loss event database and risk reporting.

Develop final reports on testing detail and suitable documentation.

Support and oversee to resolve operational risk management gaps in assigned business units.

Manage company goals of successful and timely audits.

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