RN Case Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Manage excellent performance and quality service for ICCT Management team.

Enable interdepartmental communication for integration purposes.

Resolve problems with members, providers and agencies or entities.

Assess medical necessity and suitability of care by optimizing patient outcomes.

Evaluate patient admissions and continued stay using standard criteria.

Determine and resolve issues delaying patient discharge.

Develop collaborative relationship with physicians, payers and health care team members.

Ensure interdisciplinary care plan established for patients.

Collaborate with physician and communicate suggestions.

Ensure patients receive care as per clinical needs.

Ensure fulfilling patient’s rights regulations.

Track patient’s health status and progress to achieve clinical goals.

Educate, inform, direct and support patients’ care goals.

Acquire and use medical equipment continuously.

Ensure safe and suitable discharge plan.

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