Safety Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop and enable employee Safety Training Programs.

Ensure training of employees, visitors and contractors in job hazards and safe practices.

Develop, communicate and enforce improvement opportunities in Site Specific Safety Program.

Develop tasks pertaining to Specific Safety Binder and Filing Systems.

Handle site management of health and safety programs.

Lead and handle training and communication programs.

Manage Employee Safety Committee.

Handle Workers Compensation Programs.

Ensure Department’s Safe Working Conditions with Supervisors and Managers.

Perform scheduled site assessments, follow-up and correction tracking.

Manage record keeping of employee training and safety compliance.

Update on technical and regulatory issues for employee safety and health.

Handle material safety data sheets’ current listing for controlled products on plant site.

Guide purchase and maintenance of safety equipment.

Maintain accuracy of data and safety systems.

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