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Asset Protection Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Provide excellent service to customers while maintaining strict security.

Ensure goods carried by customers are labeled appropriately to avoid any theft.

Check the receipts of bulk or high value merchandise going out of the premises.

Monitor the premises for any thefts and fraud activities.

Ensure that no merchandise leaves the premises without payment.

Develop in-depth knowledge of department operations and security systems.

Respond promptly to alarms according to company guidelines.

Identify and communicate any suspicious activity to Operations Manager.

Investigate frauds and thefts as directed by the Manager.

Implement safety and security programs for premises.

Perform scanning and bag checking of all employees when they leave the building.

Carry out daily security checks of the warehouse.

Generate daily and weekly cargo loss reports and circulate to appropriate personnel.

Monitor department operations everyday to check any violations of company polices regarding safety and property and personal hazards.

Report violations and incidents to Operations Manager to take corrective actions.

Perform routine testing and maintenance of security systems and fire alarms.

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