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Asset Protection Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Identify and report any violations of company policies to Operations Manager.

Detect and investigate any criminal, illegal and fraudulent activities within the premises.

Monitor department operations to ensure compliance with established rules and regulations.

Ensure that associates follow company policies and procedures.

Provide trainings to staff on company principles and operational rules.

Ensure that merchandise is properly stored and processed to reduce shrink, damages and variances.

Perform investigations and interviews to find out any theft cases.

Appear as witness in court for any department criminal cases.

Resolve issues related to security, safety and regulatory measures.

Provide support in the area of operational compliance and safety awareness.

Identify accident trends and recommend safety solutions.

Provide support in simplifying tasks and eradicating non-value added tasks.

Guide team members to effectively manage asset protection activities.

Develop standard procedures to prevent incidents and accidents.

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