Loss Prevention Investigator Responsibilities and Duties

Conduct camera surveillance and ensure to detect as well as apprehend shoplifters.

Investigate and identify dishonest personnel in organization.

Perform store operational audits and stimulate merchandise prevention standards.

Conduct awareness training programs and respond to all emergency calls with store.

Investigate deception during opening, in-process and closing store as well as provide necessary physical security.

Support Security Director to handle security relevant issues inclusive of retail, warehouse and manufacturing activities like employee theft.

Monitor and tutor agreement guard service as required.

Conduct internal misappropriation investigations and inventory deficiency reduction.

Support law enforcement with prosecutions and investigations.

Provide ample security and safety modes for all company property and assets.

Initiate investigations on vendor theft, employee theft and inventory as well as warehouse shortage.

Interview witnesses and suspects and develop detailed reports on all conducted investigations.

Test and participate in various hearings and court activities.

Execute and implement shrink reduction agendas by active planning and supervising loss exposures.

Oversee clogged circuit monitors to lessen external losses, interact with local authorities and prepare investigation reports.

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