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A security guard is an individual who is paid to protect people, assets or property. These individuals may work for retail stores, for individual homeowners and for public venues such as hospitals or prisons. The responsibilities these individuals are charged with may vary somewhat based upon the industries in which they work.

Essential Duties of Security Guards

Regardless of the place of business for which security guards work, there are some duties that all security guards are charged with. Some of the most important security guard duties include:

Patrol Business Premises

Many security guards must patrol the premises of a commercial or industrial property either on foot or via motor vehicle. During these patrols, security guards will check for signs of intrusion, ensure that doors are locked, and investigate the presence of any suspicious individuals.

Monitor the Entrance of Visitors, Vendors and Others

In certain places of business, the entrance of visitors and vendors is very closely monitored. In these cases, the security guard will be responsible for ‘checking in’ these visitors; this may include checking their credentials and identification. The guard must also document this entry for later review, if necessary.

Write Daily Reports

Many places of business also require security guards to create daily reports about the activities that happened during their shifts. This serves many purposes, but it helps to keep business owners and other security guards aware of important events. Additional reports may be necessary in the event of a situation such as a break-in, fire or any other unusual occurrence.

Handle Emergency Situations

In the event of a natural disaster or fire, the security guard must act as a first responder and provide instructions to business patrons in order to keep them safe. They must remain calm at all times and work with other security guards in order to prevent chaos during such times.

Skills which Security Guards Should Possess

In order for a security guard to do his or her job properly and effectively protect people, property and assets, he or she should possess certain skills. Some of the necessary security guard skills are:

Excellent Verbal Communication Skills

Security guards, much like police officers, will likely deal with the general public on a day to day basis as they enter and exit the premises being protected. As such, security guards will need advanced verbal communication skills; they should be articulate, firm and self-confident when speaking to individuals.

Good Judgment and Decision Making Skills

In the process of protecting his or her client, the security guard will sometimes need to make quick decisions—even in the face of crises. Because of this, a security guard will need excellent judgment and the ability to make fast decisions in the event of a break-in, a fire or a natural disaster.

Good Driving Skills

Since many security guards are required to patrol premises in vehicles, these individuals will need to be able to show that they have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. They may also need to participate in a defensive driving course before they can get the jobs they want.

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