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Unarmed Private Security Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement an efficient admission process at client site.

Monitor all entrances and exits to ensure prevention of all unapproved entry into facility.

Supervise all vehicular movement and parking at security gate.

Monitor all employees and visitors into facility, initiate in appropriate screening prior to entering building and ensured high end security.

Assist all legitimate visitors in all queries and monitor entry and exit to facility.

Develop and maintain professional relations with employees and visitors and ensure appropriate courtesy to everyone.

Ensure optimal levels of communication with clients and visitors and provide all required information.

Determine a remote sensing system for all entrance and exits of facility, monitor all activities on CCTV and prevent any unlawful entries.

Perform regular patrols on facility on foot or in a vehicle.

Supervise site and identify any unsafe conditions and inform authorities immediately in case of any suspicious activity.

Provide emergency services to facility in case of an emergency and restrict movement of people to ensure safety.

Prepare and maintain logs on computer for all entry and exit of customer and employees for future references.

Identify any security violation and ensure immediate communication to client representative or management.

Manage and monitor all client property and ensure prevention of any damages.

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