Sales and Business Development Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Provide required project management assistance to Sales or Business Development function.

Prepare and maintain creative briefs, flowcharts, presentation decks, marketing plans along with status documents.

Ensure to screen all prospective opportunities to keep company focused on highest impact opportunities.

Participate to develop new project proposals.

Perform sales activities and attain market development goals, objectives, operating procedures and policies.

Establish and execute short and long-range sales.

Develop and maintain relations along with negotiate all deals with channel partners.

Develop and coordinate sales methodology and selling cycle.

Define global sales opportunities as well as key accounts.

Oversee and evaluate effectiveness of sales, procedures, costs and results.

Develop and manage sales forecasts, budgets and reports.

Coordinate managements of all various accounts.

Direct manages prime accounts as well as critical development activity.

Develop strong pipeline by self sourcing activity and setup partnerships.

Perform with product managers as well as project finance to assure offering is prepared to attain customer plus market needs.

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