Sales Assistant Vice President Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Assist up four to all field sales representatives in every area of sales support.

Perform in collaboration with field sales representatives to provide assistance to operations plus risk functions.

Manage and maintain Salesforce database by researching everyday industry news.

Ensure to qualify and add information to sales database if suitable along with new prospects.

Identify sales opportunities by prospecting in allotted database.

Conduct pricing evaluation in support of field sales efforts.

Prepare proposals assisting all field sales representative’s efforts.

Support sales representatives to conduct analytical projects plus ensure deal quality.

Conduct marketing evaluation as necessary.

Prepare common understanding of Life Science industry and related trends.

Ensure to accompany Sales Representative on all sales calls to become familiar with process and improve selling skills.

Present sales data for entire monthly operation review.

Head responsibility to implement and execute sales initiatives set forth by organization.

Assist Business Development Manager to establish and develop new business contacts.

Maintain existing relations and develop plus implement sales and marketing plan.

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