Area Business Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise business teams to promote company’s products in the assigned area for revenue growth.

Conduct market research to assess market trends and explore business opportunities in assigned area.

Conduct promotional activities to generate revenue and increase brand visibility.

Implement business strategies to achieve monthly and annual goals.

Monitor and supervise the budget, resources, inventory, performance, and profitability.

Recruit employees, assess their performance and take necessary actions when needed.

Train team members to improve their skills and competencies.

Analyze business results and recommend improvements for business plan.

Develop individual developmental plans for each team member.

Develop area specific business plan for profitability while complying with the needs of local market.

Manage budget, time and resources to meet business objectives in the assigned areas.

Implement business policies and programs for smooth operations.

Conduct regular business meetings and coordinate with business teams to ensure continuous development.

Guide business team in completing their tasks successfully.

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