Associate Merchant Responsibilities and Duties

Assist in preparing product merchandising plan to improve sales.

Perform business analysis and monitoring for efficiently merchandising products.

Perform business forecasting and reporting to Managers for critical decision making purposes.

Identify new business opportunities for corporate revenue growth.

Recommend new product developments and enhancements to achieve profitability.

Work with Managers to develop and implement seasonal merchandise strategy.

Supervise and guide Assistant Merchants to achieve performance objectives

Analyze consumer trends and competitive market and accordingly provide recommendations to drive sales.

Manage merchandising activities to achieve business and financial goals.

Recruit and train Assistant Merchants in their assigned job duties.

Address customer queries promptly and build strong customer relationship.

Track sales data and improve merchandising processes.

Conduct and contribute to weekly production meetings.

Address merchandising and delivery issues promptly.

Ensure smooth product flow and timely deliveries.

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