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Branch Sales Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer and ensure compliance to all sales practices for branch and perform various training sessions for same and coordinate with sales associates to maintain all activity.

Administer and review efficient usage of all sales formula and aid and prepare effective sales programs for fields and maintain quality of all images.

Identify appropriate sales staff and establish an efficient work procedure and prepare required work schedule and analyze all cancellation requests for customers.

Prepare list of all prospective customers for sales leads.

Manage all marketing plans and programs and provide training to all service personnel to ensure effective customer services according to safe procedures.

Review work of all salesperson on weekly and hourly basis.

Maintain control of all marketing activities to ensure achievement of all objectives within allocated budget and determine all sales goals.

Prepare all marketing reports and evaluate all procedures and recommend improvements to sales department and ensure compliance to all company policy.

Maintain effective customer relationships and design required business development call program.

Execute all strategic business plans and monitor all branch sales process and maintain product knowledge.

Coordinate with Market Managers and prepare all required reports and ensure achievement of all sales objectives and analyze progress of all activities.

Monitor all incoming and outgoing telephone requests and recommend new businesses and provide training to employees to achieve all individual and company objectives.

Perform appraisals for all branch employees and provide training and counseling as per requirement.

Design and execute an effective action plan to monitor all activities and forecast all deposits and loans to facilitate employee development.

Oversee all activities for branch and provide optimal level of customer services in compliance with bank objective.

Maintain knowledge on all bank products and services and assist to resolve customer queries.

Prepare and analyze profit and loss statement for branch and maintain all current business and ensure optimal level of customer services.

Analyze and identify all customer issues in sales processes and recommend solutions and perform regular quality assessment.

Prepare reports for all field managers and analyze all financial performance for annual budget and ensure adherence to all budget requirements.

Prepare and ensure compliance with all marketing strategy and recommend growth activities for all call centers.

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