Category Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage sales team for improving sales of a specific category of products

Develop selling strategies based on with company’s competitive and success elements.

Assist in coordinating and executing the business tactics for development, marketing and sales of the products in the category.

Develop and execute category plans to meet revenue goals.

Manage inventory levels to maximize sales.

Assist in preparing capital budget plan and expense management plan.

Make changes to the product line to increase profit margin.

Respond to customer’s queries about new products.

Implement monthly promotional strategies to achieve sales goals.

Negotiate price changes with vendors and inform the changes to relevant departments of the organization.

Analyze customer requirements and develop product promotions to drive sales.

Address customer queries and concerns in a timely fashion.

Perform customer negotiations and determine new customer contract terms.

Stay updated on industry trends and market competitions.

Attend industry events and trade shows for promoting company products.

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