Commissioning Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Execute and supervise dealings in accordance to commissioning guidelines and deadlines.

Keep abreast in planning strategies to achieve project completion with available resources.

Develop and manage pricing strategies for undertaking new offers.

Interact and negotiate with clients on commissioning goals and guidelines.

Assist and guide project staff in outlining commission responsibilities.

Promote company standards by ensuring accuracy of systems results.

Manage and update records and reports across different strata of the workforce.

Participate actively in diverse operational aspects of project commissioning.

Oversee order and procurement of the required systems paraphernalia.

Coordinate between management and functional staff.

Collaborate with clients and staff to deliver contracts within specified guidelines.

Assess and delegate resolution of issues.

Contribute views on designs, constructions, proposals during management meetings.

Recruit, train, inspire and manage commissioning staff.

Participate in and manage onsite operations.

Manage and encourage staff to champion company cause and result.

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