Consulting Director Responsibilities and Duties

Determine, develop and deliver innovative strategies and tools to target new and current clients.

Initiate and center team efforts to gather, analyze and interpret data and formulate recommendations and conclusions.

Ensure resources leverage by coordinating with staff scheduling and project planning.

Develop solutions for complex client situations to ensure meeting of goals and objectives and deliver results on time.

Perform client interviews on analysis and interpretation of data.

Engage in practice management such as tools, methodologies, people development and proposals.

Render quality control for engagement team’s work.

Report on final client status and present to engagement staff to demonstrate factual material command.

Expand and identify current and new business projects by strengthening client relationships.

Develop and review staff performance such as mentoring and recruiting staff.

Communicate with all client management levels.

Measure project progress, client benefits and budget expectations through proprietary tracking tools.

Handle routine relationships.

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