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Global Account Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage and interpret all new businesses and associate knowledge to achieve all organization objectives.

Analyze all customer requirements and develop solutions to complex problems and provide assistance to a variety of services and products.

Ensure compliance to all management reporting requirements and monitor work according to company policies.

Assist global staff in work and design procedures to generate profitable sales in both existing and new business accounts.

Develop and maintain excellent relationships with key customers in organization and prepare various vertical market strategies to enhance growth.

Facilitate and develop various projects to ensure optimal customer delivery for both domestic and international locations.

Coordinate with operational staff and ensure all work according to customer requirement at multiple sites.

Participate in various industry events and conferences and assist to implement all projects effectively and enhance growth in sales.

Prepare and documents all market plans and analyze services to be presented in an effective business environment.

Supervise working of all staff members and provide appropriate training to all members to ensure achievement of all project goals.

Maintain and update knowledge on all new technology in business and participate in various professional meetings for same.

Analyze and prepare forecasts and estimates for various selling procedures and design effective comprehensive sales plans.

Develop sales strategies in coordination with product and sales teams.

Documents all communication plans and processes and prepare reports to be submitted to senior management.

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