Industrial Sales Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise all industrial sales and assist to resolve all issues and recommend prevention of any issues in processes and maintain professional relationships with all customers within assign area and ensure achievement of all revenue goals within facility and ensure profitability in sales.

Analyze all requirements of individual market areas and recommend strategies to increase revenue and profitability and analyze all market trends and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction to maintain profitability of organization and recommend strategies to improve profits.

Administer all waste management services and manage all hazardous and industrial waste and ensure appropriate transportation for same and ensure compliance to all budgets.

Develop and implement various sales programs to facilitate sales and assist to retain customers to organization and execute various market strategies to reach all budget objectives and provide support to all teams and ensure compliance to all customer standards.

Maintain optimal level of customer services for all industrial sales activities and ensure adherence to all industry standard and maintain accuracy of all bills and ensure achievement of all management goals and prepare appropriate business goals for assign industrial market area.

Analyze all information and ensure confidentiality for same and ensure compliance to all management activities and prepare reports for all customers on weekly and quarterly basis and provide support to all sales and technical activities.

Perform financial analysis of all products and forecast all sales requirements and monitor inventory of all products and prepare reports for all competitor sales activities and maintain knowledge of all state and federal regulations.

Manage all communication with purchasing and sales department and recommend appropriate price changes for new products and participate in various trade shows and conventions.

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