Inside Sales Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare cohesive procedures to capture clients by website development, automated marketing and sales e-mail campaigns along with data base management.

Develop new clients by targeted program concentrating on brand awareness, PR and demand generation.

Enhance market penetration by acquiring new client in prime target markets.

Establish and manage demand generation procedures and operations.

Perform with marketing to prepare campaigns for lead generation.

Develop and progress “book of business” as well as head by example.

Prepare pricing strategies for current customers to enhance sales and increase profitability.

Conduct entire management activities inclusive of coaching, evaluating, training and monitoring performance.

Motivate, establish sales quotas and provide education to target accounts as well as markets.

Train and coach employees to be upbeat in sales process implementation and development of new business.

Ensure to distribute performance goals to attain individual as well as team goals.

Develop sales and activity reports along with interact and follow-up with sales team.

Head and support sales team to maximize positive results in area of company modification and progress through proactive, ongoing and effectual communication.

Enforce an environment of open interaction to assure affirmative employee morale and effectual conflict resolution.

Stimulate creative ideas upward flow for benefit of company and its personnel.

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