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Proposal Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and review proposal strategies and themes and develop Proposal Management Plan.

Assemble proposal teams of resources and suggest internal and external resources by coordinating with capture manager.

Develop proposal compliance matrix and fulfill requirements through proposal development effort.

Review completed storyboards and proposal section to address requirements and meet customer page limits.

Write, edit and rewrite efforts and develop graphic concepts.

Integrate technical and cost volumes and read and comment on cost narrative by coordinating with cost volume lead.

Direct proposal efforts and personnel and engage on Blue Teams and Black Hats.

Research funding opportunities, engage in capture planning process and contribute to bidding strategy development.

Develop, review and refine program development processes and run proposal development team operations effectively.

Develop targeted questions and interview staff to obtain critical proposal information.

Communicate proposal requirements and status to senior management.

Manage proposal response schedule and engage in proposal knowledge management processes.

Write proposal narrative and leverage and re-use current proposal boilerplate information.

Maintain re-use libraries and ensure accuracy of current information.

Lessons, document and execute actions to produce process improvement and attain higher success rates.

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