Residential Sales Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Administer sales of products within assign area and provide sales quota according to various creative techniques.

Manage all leads and identify prospective customers and participate in various home shows and prepare presentations for alarm systems and monitor all products and services.

Analyze customer requirements and recommend appropriate solutions and prepare and present sales presentations to present all proposals and ensure achievement of all sales objectives within market.

Determine efficient lead generation strategies and implement same to increase businesses and execute all sales closing techniques to achieve all installations objectives and maintain record of all consumer sales.

Maintain knowledge of all internet, video and phone services and assist to sell cable television and provide update to all customers.

Ensure appropriate representation of organization to community at all times and assist to resolve all customer issues on products, prices and mode of payment.

Develop and recommend changes to security system according to customer requirements and schedule installation of customer equipments and perform all required paperwork for same and assist to sale various products through branch offices.

Ensure customer retention for all processes and maintain optimal level of customer satisfaction and manage all communication with customers and review all product requirements for all existing and prospective clients.

Provide knowledge on all customers for various products and pricing models and perform door to door marketing for all residential customers.

Implement all sales campaigns within required timeframe and documents all processes.

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