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Sales and Marketing Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare market analysis through evaluating new market prospects.

Prepare sales and marketing reports to include weekly management report as well as flash figures.

Develop monthly budget analysis and prepare monthly sales activity reports.

Ensure to track and store monthly systems production reports.

Evaluate market information and prepare reports as well as rate analysis required for management and sales staff.

Assist sales and marketing staff as necessary at any phase of sales plus marketing efforts.

Support enrollment meetings, benefit fairs and installation plus renewal process for current and new accounts.

Develop quote requests for purpose of underwriting incorporating census summary, plan design and zip code analysis.

Develop network evaluations, disruption analysis and radius access modules.

Prepare packages proposals and support information for presentations through sales and service team.

Develop, interpret and summarize reporting packages of employer group.

Prepare packets, enrollment materials and help open enrollments.

Responds to enrolled groups and brokers’ requests and inquiries.

Provide assistance with telephone coverage.

Support to develop marketing collateral.

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