Sales Person Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to greet clients coming to store.

Respond to all incoming calls plus complete suitable paperwork for entire sales.

Execute task to make outgoing calls to all past and prospective customers.

Log statements along with new prospects in computer systems.

Coordinate selection of vehicle under Store Manager’s guidance.

Negotiate terms, selection and down payment with clients.

Ensure to join for ride with clients on test drives.

Print as well as sign closure documents.

Elicit outside referral resources at various dealerships.

Handle complaints of customer promptly and professionally.

Organize and arrange again inventory as defined by sales manager.

Participate willingly in entire sales training.

Perform to steadily enhance sales performance and effectiveness as outlined in training manual and direction of manager.

Maintain and manage store as well as sales lot appearance along with cleanliness.

Recommend solutions, enhance sales with additional items plus accessories along with closing customer selections.

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