Sales Planner Responsibilities and Duties

Develop online sales plans as directed by company sales plus account executives.

Prepare research-based presentations for entire sales team to use in client and agency meetings.

Supervise all account stewardship aspects to assure sales team to deliver performance as expected by client and adapt on basis of findings.

Perform with traffic related to inventory management to support in sales forecast.

Interact with Ad Serving partner to assure precision for entire advertising campaigns.

Maintain and record all sales orders properly.

Involve customer contact to attain required approvals and authorize plus log information into database.

Develop efficient media plans as per precise company’s requirements and ensure delivery as scheduled.

Present media proposals plus buys within different tracking programs like DSM and Salesforce.

Interpret relevant inventory along with pricing options complying with campaign objectives.

Develop sponsorship concepts and presentations through working with marketing plus creative teams designed to attain internal & external goals.

Learn and interpret client objectives along with procedure to translate in media strategies.

Suggest media mix and pricing as suitable to customer budget and goals.

Maintain and manage in-depth understanding of organization inventory throughout all verticals.

Head responsibility to develop media plans attaining network and client requirements.

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