Sales Planning Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate sales planning situation with respect to operational viewpoint.

Identify, attain and evaluate data to assist and propose business decisions in assigned sales area from different sources.

Conduct in-depth quantitative analysis to assist in sales planning.

Ensure to take strategic decisions for company success.

Oversee and participate in sales pertinent projects as well as initiatives.

Present sales planning analytical output as required for senior management presentations.

Manage and ensure to share department workload, output along with precision of tasked processes.

Conduct all area quote evaluation and changes.

Maintain and mange competitive pricing of entire data base.

Analyze and maintain entire pricing related issues.

Provide sales management with analysis and reporting as required.

Recommend and suggest enhanced reporting processes.

Prepare new mode to evaluate business results.

Stimulate continuous enhancement in sales reporting packages given to internal management team, senior leadership team and our owners.

Prepare scheduled, in-depth evaluation of sales performance for external and internal reporting every month.

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