Sales Support Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with customers and sales representatives to gain firsthand familiarity of customer needs plus product applications.

Review sales network design to verify customer’s requirements are completely supported through BHN provided service.

Evaluate customer support issues as well as maintain top level positive perception by customers pertinent to organization support structure.

Provide necessary suggestions on proactive basis to steadily assist positive interpretation.

Prepare technical samples, designs along with presentations to provide supportive technical data retort to customer requests.

Manage entire communications with client technical departments regularly as requested by customer.

Maintain customer assistance reference guidelines for client contact as well as support information.

Review quarterly with all allotted customers to revise service levels as well as open issues.

Provide clients with status of entire open requests for service improvements and changes.

Develop liaison for clients during network outages as well as event affecting customer’s networks.

Provide entire company information for every customer outages.

Contribute to sustainability requirements of every network design being sustained.

Participate in sales support related conferences, trade shows, workshops plus meetings to update on current information plus developments in industry.

Prepare complex reports as well as documents.

Present technical assistance to Tier I, II as well as operational support.

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