Sales Support Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Provide sales support inclusive of proposal plus contract generation, new accounts auditing and data entry.

Provide continuance process improvement suggestions.

Stimulate sales productivity enhancement to align with corporate objectives.

Provide administrative assistance for double global sales force, Director of Worldwide Sales and sales representatives.

Develop and manage prime performance indicators for entire sales group.

Develop yearly sales group budgets along with budget tracking tools plus reports.

Prepare sales tracking tools plus reports to obtain and present significant information to as well as from sales team.

Develop and update regularly sales group internet site.

Develop reports, tools and database to assist global sales estimation process.

Perform with accounts manager to prepare particular sales strategies as well as plans to promote VG products plus services.

Manage sales order entry process inclusive of develop and log new orders.

Ensure to edit and change orders as required, supervise open plus shipped orders and provide status updates to customer.

Log sales orders using information received from drilling reports, outside sales and customers.

Develop service packets with copies of inspections, sales order and drawings.

Present sales back-up support as well as assume full sales responsibility in absence of Account Manager.

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