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Transportation Sales Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Develop independently new sales revenue for team support.

Collaborate with team related to pricing decisions, select supplier along with set shipments timing.

Utilize utmost time to manage customer interactions like prospecting, qualifying, cold calling, making customer calls as well as deals closure.

Focus on selling core products, services and modes of sales branch.

Participate in face-to-face interactions mainly partnering with senior-most sales representative.

Elicit new business by phone for outbound and inbound sales.

Perform with manager to forecast and prepare business plan and strategy.

Ensure to service sales calls with prospective and existing customers.

Support and convert clients to completely utilize web-based solution for shipping.

Recommend modifications to existing customers related to transportation needs.

Identify and eliciting new client opportunities.

Develop and consult with current customer base.

Plan and conduct presentations along with customer meetings.

Provide rate quotes to clients for services.

Manage entire logistic information systems appropriately.

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