Assay Development Scientist Responsibilities and Duties

Provide technical support to develop new assay and to enhance current methodologies.

Conduct validation tests for new assays, instrumentations and methodologies.

Train Medical Technologists and Laboratory Scientists on new assays, instrumentation and methodologies.

Support assay transfer to clinical laboratories across the globe.

Work with Director to generate performance qualification, method comparison, and validation reports.

Assist the Director to recognize the most suitable protocol for each assay.

Collaborate with Director, Laboratory Scientists and Laboratory Managers for optimization of the laboratory processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Order and stock laboratory supplies for continuous and consistent workflow.

Perform custom labeling and assay development tasks in laboratory.

Manage lab inventory for new and existing projects.

Record assay development work in the scientific notebooks for reference purposes.

Provide training and guidance to newly recruited employees when required.

Plan, design and execute various scientific investigations to support in the development of assays.

Ensure all research and development studies adhere to state laws.

Generate reports pertaining to assay development and submit to R&D Manager and Project Manager.

Manage and support lab team to ensure timely project delivery.

Resolve technical and workflow issues in a timely fashion.

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