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Assistant Research Scientist Responsibilities and Duties

Develop research plan to achieve all research objectives, implement plans into effective action and prepare scientific reports on same.

Coordinate with team for all graduate degree students and employees and administer effective project delivery.

Evaluate all data to identify problems in coordination with chief investigator, process research results for publication and present it at national and international conferences.

Assist senior professors and external experts to ensure timely delivery and innovation.

Supervise laboratory and associated work, develop and maintain network with main players and facilitate research work.

Prepare and analyze data for internal meetings in coordination with various departments.

Perform all laboratory process in compliance with established protocols, BMS.

Analyze all projects and identify projects to improve its efficiency and ensure better understanding of physiology and pathology.

Develop and authorize in-vitro and ex-vivo models, identify active ingredients with scalp benefits.

Design and develop novel micro structured material, colloidal systems for customer benefit and evaluate it on regular basis to prepare prototype formulation of foods.

Perform research to identify effects of drug and synaptic transmission brainstem with help of electrophysiological processes.

Coordinate with various departments to perform complementary experiments to observe acute processes laboratory and identify effect of these behaviors.

Manage research projects, monitor project funds and coordinate with various departments for data generation.

Participate in performing research and prioritize and plan various research programs.

Develop hypotheses and proposals for research and submit grant applications to secure support for research programs.

Analyze and identify problems and resolve it effectively to perform scientific research.

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