Research and Development Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Lead key projects with R&D to support business goals.

Develop concepts, products and solutions by coordinating with Orthopedics business units.

Understand customer expectations on to-be manufactured product.

Determine and execute improved technologies used by suppliers, competitors and customers.

Support Director to hire and develop R&D personnel.

Establish project goals and priorities by collaborating with Marketing and Operations.

Transfer new technologies, products and manufacturing process into and out of company.

Research, design and evaluate materials, assemblies, processes and equipment.

Suggest training tools to enhance employee performance and skill development.

Develop concepts, products and solutions by working with company business units.

Monitor team metrics and objectives ensuring meeting of goals.

Document all phases of research and development.

Manage customer relationships and perform RFP Review, Customer Visits and Product Testing.

Handle research and development of immunoassays on manual or automated platforms.

Investigate new technologies and novel biomarkers.

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