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Research Strategist Responsibilities and Duties

Perform all data research and perform analysis on all projects and assist in research process with help of appropriate data mining tools and perform qualitative and quantitative research from conceptualization to implementation.

Coordinate with various teams to design and recommend efficient strategies to provide support to all processes and perform research, prepare sales presentations to design new business processes and interpret all primary and secondary data.

Assist to plan and perform various usability studies on all consumer devices according to regulations and prepare all research reports for all clients and internal members according to required formats and ensure compliance to all timeframe and budget.

Facilitate all exchange of ideas for all research activities and analyze all data with help of required data mining software and manage all communication with management to prepare accurate reports and presentations.

Design all research protocols with help of appropriate questionnaires and data capture activities and recommend improvement to all work flows and assist to prepare all complex statistical data models for data mining.

Administer all medium and large research projects and assist to recruit appropriate candidates for performing required qualitative product research and coordinate with clients to ensure all development activities within required timeframe.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all clients and analyze all client requirements and prioritize all activities for same and documents all competitive product reports and perform audit on same.

Collaborate with various departmental teams to design various business issues and manage complex project teams.

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