Research Technologist Responsibilities and Duties

Assist students with all biological sample preparation and develop required molecular laboratory techniques and determine an efficient research programs for all laboratory.

Administer various research projects and maintain everyday activities and organize and monitor all project protocols.

Maintain and prepare all required research documents and assist to collate all consent records and prepare required medical reports and manage all protocol deviations for all research associate events.

Maintain all equipment in laboratory for all research work and provide required training to all users to use all imaging equipment and perform troubleshoot on same and perform required repair work on same.

Monitor and procure all necessary materials for research and manage all research equipments.

Implement various experimental studies and provide support to all laboratory objectives and plan and modify various experiments and analyze all statistical data and prepare required charts and graphs.

Design all manuscripts for research and make required presentations and train all personnel in everyday activities.

Manage all lab equipments and associate supplies and supervise all complex procedures efficiently and assist to collect and maintain all data and evaluate all project literature.

Prepare all documents for manuscripts and maintain inventory of all order equipments and supplies and ensure compliance with all federal policies and mandates.

Provide technical assistance to all research support staff and schedule all research subjects and perform all required recruitment and maintain database with help of all data collection tools.

Manage regular communication with all students and laboratory staff to perform various experiments.

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