Export Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and provide required update to all export policies and procedures and coordinate to prepare appropriate propels and ensure compliance to all timeframe and design all work according to customer requirements.

Manage all communications with customers and monitor all samples and orders for customer and prepare all license applications and agreements for all technical data and ensure adherence to all company policies and procedures.

Administer all export licenses and technical assistance agreements and manage all correspondences for staff members and evaluate all proposals and contracts and participate in all technical program meetings.

Collaborate with customer service personnel and evaluate all project requirements according to agreements and ensure compliance to all business and customer requirements and prepare appropriate proposals and document all requirements.

Manage and prepare shipments for all classified and unclassified products and ensure compliance to all defense security services and assist in all international technical data shipments and prepare all required customer paperwork according to license exemption.

Provide training to all employees and prepare all special programs for same and assist personnel in all export and import issues.

Maintain all record of export functions and ensure adherence to regulations and manage an efficient export management systems for all license database and prepare efficient storage and manage records of all licenses.

Manage all communication with various groups for all export transactions and administer all domestic and international transportation.

Maintain records of issuance dock receipts and prepare all bill of landing and maintain all reports for same.

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