Import Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate and process and import documents for various accounts for ABI system and obtain all custom releases and invoices for all import accounts.

Administer delivery of all cargo and process all custom releases and monitor all receivables and ensure work within required timeframe and assist supervisors to resolve all transaction issues.

Provide optimal customer services to all clients and maintain status report for all shipments and maintain knowledge on all technical issues for brokers and collaborate with various departments for release of all goods from customs.

Maintain and update knowledge on all customs clearance process and evaluate all self study courses and present same to company and execute required transportation strategies and ensure work according to customers and supplier requirement.

Collaborate with inventory planning team and freight forwarders and administer appropriate movement of all goods and supervise all freight flow and ensure clearance and delivery of all import goods.

Supervise all new products and associate shipments and ensure arrival of all goods within required timeframe and catalog and coordinate with product development and merchandising team to establish all transportation costs and evaluate all product selection.

Evaluate all import transportation and assist in clearance of all invoices for payment and monitor transportation of all sample products and perform regular evaluation of all photo samples.

Prepare and processes all import documents and broker invoices and manage all contain shipments in coordination with freight carriers and customers.

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