Import Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee efficient working of employees of import department and manage all communication with customers and vendors.

Plan and implement all import and export transportation strategies according to all supplier and customer demand and administer internal movement of all goods and ensure compliance to all government regulations.

Partner with suppliers and inventory planners and ensure accurate movement of all international goods and ensure arrival of goods within required timeframe and obtain best freight rates at all times.

Design, evaluate and renew all contracts as per requirement and monitor and prepare reports for all import activities and recommend changes if required.

Assist to prepare all import quotes for customers and perform all shipment bookings with carriers.

Administer and implement all custom and border protection for various security programs and maintain compliance to all customer procedures.

Perform research for various departments for all import and export laws and procedures and maintain knowledge on all tariffs and licenses and collaborate with finance team and maintain inventory of all products and analyze all loan and insurance documents.

Design all SOPs for import department and ensure compliance to all ISO guidelines and prepare reports to be submitted to government agencies.

Provide all insurance on shipments and design and execute all corrective action plans for processes.

Collaborate with ISO team leader and perform audit on processes and maintain expert knowledge on all custom regulations.

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