Import Operations Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with merchandising department and implement all program strategies and supervise efficient working of all sourcing offices and coordinate with business partners to ensure all work within required timeframe and according to quality standards and implement accuracy in operations.

Prepare all project plans and timeframe and integrate various cross functional components for all import programs and coordinate with business partners and integrate all advertising and presentation components and implement various import strategies and global sourcing.

Analyze all complex issues and collaborate with cross functional partners and global source offices and establish appropriate solutions for all processes and resolve all issues and recommend changes to import programs.

Collaborate with suppliers and inventory planners to maintain knowledge on all requirements and provide support to all call center and warranty issues for branded products.

Prepare reports for all import products and programs and manage all communication with all international customer offices and perform required tests on all products and maintain optimal quality of all products.

Administer all order projections and monitor communication for same and coordinate with various departments for all requests and assist to fill all customer forms.

Supervise all operational functions for transportation cargo and collaborate with routing manager and ensure accurate quotes for all cargo activities and ensure compliance to all ISO regulations.

Partner with brokerage and break bulk section of all import departments and design all orders and prepare required paperwork for finance department and ensure accuracy in same.

Perform social compliance audit on all factories and evaluate all corrective actions recommended for same and ensure efficient implementation of all customer service policies and procedures.

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