Warehouse Shipping Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain inventory for transport and monitor efficient loading and unloading of all stock.

Administer order stock and monitor loading of all shipment.

Ensure appropriate completion of all purchase orders and sales order for transaction.

Maintain flow line materials; perform appropriate replenishment of all devices.

Perform regular inspection of stock items and report any defect to supervisor.

Maintain and documents all damaged to stock handling machines.

Manage and prepare records of inventory control system and manage inventory flow.

Ensure compliance to company standards in storage of goods.

Evaluate in coming stock, identify all errors and communicate to merchandise manager to initiate appropriate action.

Manage all order forms and receive invoices as per company policies.

Maintain and update a RMS information and prepare require reports.

Administer all stock entry for shipment, check temperature of merchandise and fix date.

Review all transactions and ensure compliance to FIFO.

Assist to unload all stock and store it in warehouse.

Evaluate inventory and perform physical count of stock to identify any discrepancy.

Perform all activities for domestic and international shipping.

Manage packaging and stocking of all finished goods.

Coordinate with delivery personnel and ensure optimal level of customer delivery services.

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