Psychiatric Social Worker Responsibilities and Duties

Counsel family, individuals and groups and intervene social work to dementia residents and psychiatric diagnosis.

Describe psychosocial functioning, nature and disability extent, assess dangerousness and determine and secure resources.

Determine person’s eligibility for facility admission.

Develop Care Plans and therapeutic techniques by coordinating with Interdisciplinary Team.

Determine residents’ dangerousness level and potential explosive behavior.

Coordinate with acutely and chronically ill and demented persons.

Interview patients and families to procure psychiatric diagnosis and treatment plans.

Offer psychoeducation, psychotherapy and crisis intervention to patients and families using different treatment modalities.

Handle discharge plans and arrange for mental health care and community resources for patients.

As field instructor for social work students and establish population-specific clinical expertise.

Offer psychotherapy to individuals, groups and families.

Interview people needing psychiatric support on emergency and use crisis intervention techniques to prevent hospitalization.

Support patients and families to understand mental health problems and reactions to accept treatment.

Involve in clinical program through new program development and peers cross coverage.

Use customer scripting through observation and enhanced patient satisfaction.

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