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WIC Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with various departments and assist in development and execution of activities.

Manage all program work and perform require typing and issue benefits for programs.

Maintain all necessary data and ensure compliance to all Federal, State and local regulations.

Manage all phone calls and schedule WIC appointments.

Administer customer information and ensure timely processing all information.

Perform blood tests on clients and manage necessary data.

Analyze client requirements and prepare records for referrals.

Supervise and maintain records of all nutrition education programs by various boards.

Participate in variety of professional and personal activities.

Administer efficient working of WIC programs and maintain records of appointment and immunization records.

Printing and distributing Food Instruments to participants by performing data entry in the automated Integrated Statewide Information System.

Maintain and update records on automated integrated statewide information systems.

Manage checkstock inventory and prepare require ISIS reports.

Perform all work for centralized telephone office.

Maintain records for all WIC participants on an everyday basis.

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