Youth Care Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with residents and develop child and adult health programs.

Monitor functionality of child and develop ways to increase communication of child with family and community.

Develop and execute adult intervention policies for master treatment plans and ensure active interaction between children and parents.

Coordinate with children and develop ways to increase functionality in family.

Maintain and prepare require paperwork and incident reports for all programs.

Plan and schedule execution of various child care programs and ensure compliance to child care manuals.

Manage appropriate first aid and medications according to Great Circle Guidelines.

Participate in various meetings for children and monitor MTP goals.

Collaborate with teams and provide appropriate interaction with children and parents for various activities.

Provide transportation to various residents for outings.

Coordinate with various departments and develop youth programs for various outreach services.

Develop regional strategy to increase participation of youth in various development programs.

Schedule and coordinate meeting between educators and employers and facilitate to provide employment.

Administer various website links on youth.

Coordinate with executive director and develop annual business plans and manage grant applications.

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