Youth Care Worker Responsibilities and Duties

Administer security for all participants and provide mentorship to youth care.

Organize workshop for small groups and assist departments to organize educational and clinical services.

Monitor resident requirements and analyze all physical and emotional needs.

Maintain work according to rules and policies and standard licenses.

Administer all residents and monitor whereabouts for all and manage appropriate behavior.

Manage medications and ensure appropriate usage as per requirement.

Monitor admission of all visitors into facility and ensure appropriate privacy for all resident and staff.

Ensure neat and clean room and maintain optimal level of hygiene.

Coordinate with group home team and supervise efficient work of all teams.

Collaborate with various departments and develop and implement plans for various therapeutic activities for clients.

Plan and supervise efficient recreational activities for residents.

Perform session to educate residents to maintain and improve rooms and prepare meals.

Maintain and update all resident files and prepare daily logs.

Administer and process resident intake and discharge.

Ensure appropriate first aid certifications for residents and staff.

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