Software Development Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop and execute in-depth project plans for site operational execution and implementation.

Administer overall project inclusive of plan, direct and control of resources in complicated work-scope projects.

Estimate software development budgets as well as supervise projects’ cost.

Ensure project advancement on schedule and in accordance with established budget.

Oversee program timeline for requests and changes.

Help resolution of problems and develop issues to steering committee projects.

Develop software development project status reports.

Identify as well as schedule project milestones, deliverables and necessary tasks.

Prepare and maintain technical along with project documentation.

Ensure all project deliverables are steady with Asurion defined technical architecture plus standards.

Define and execute constant project risk evaluation and needed corrective actions.

Assist user acceptance training and testing.

Lead hand-over procedure to production and operation personnel.

Ensure actions items on scheduled are completed on time through cross functional team members.

Maintain as well as update all department process documentation.

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