Software Engineer Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Manage allotted development projects by apt development phases to thriving project completion.

Help and ensure timely and effectual implementation of every development level with apt inputs, outputs and participants.

Coordinate effectual and scheduled involvement of suitable resources required for software engineering project development.

Participate in steering project from beginning till production release.

Head responsibility to manage one or more project teams allotted to respective projects.

Head project ownership including schedule, resources, issues, cost, risks, decisions, communication, process and leadership through influence.

Utilize product every day as developed to incorporate feel for what performed and what are improvements areas.

Manage software engineers team and head responsibility to deliver company development projects with top quality level and time.

Maintain company’s library inclusive of pro-active delivery of new organization matching new API releases.

Research, validate, suggest and help execute main technologies for organization offerings.

Teach and coach other Boomi software engineers inclusive of design collaboration as well as code reviews.

Support QA team through final company integration testing and delivery.

Support product management, services and assistance teams through company rollouts.

Perform with partners and various API owners to identify schedules of new APIs and features.

Manage different application situations inclusive SaaS as well as on-premise applications.

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