Behavior Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Determine functional behavior capabilities of students in classroom and home to design behavioral interventions.

Analyze functional behavior and multi faceted behavior interventions.

Coordinate between teachers and parents and students to develop behavior interventions and resolve issues.

Assist students to determine inappropriate behavior and develop appropriate actions for good interpersonal skills.

Understand typical school age behavioral conditions such as intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injury, autism and special education regulations.

Create and execute AEPS assessments on special children and assist caregivers to facilitate behavioral interventions.

Monitor and adjust programs when children respond to services received from DECDC and record progress.

Implement behavior support plans to measure goals and objective and ensure meeting them.

Coordinate with special education district staff to collect, monitor and analyze data for ensuring instructional strategy effectiveness.

Present information by participating as a member in Individual Education Plan (IEP) process.

Communicate with case manager and parents and collect a signed excusal during absence in Individual Education Plan meetings.

Offer periodic reviews to guarantee behavior plan compliance.

Create behavior support plans in times of display of inappropriate behavior.

Coordinate with parents, para professionals, teachers, psychologists and other caregivers when needed.

Evaluate, assess, implement and update support programs and interventions.

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