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Aquatics Director Responsibilities and Duties

Manage operation of aquatics facilities, activities, swimming programs and department staff.

Supervise and guide employees and volunteers.

Manage operations of assigned area within available resources and budget.

Track and monitor revenue and expenditure so as to stay within the allotted budget.

Adhere to aquatic safety standards and guidelines.

Plan and organize staff assignments and workloads.

Hire, train, and evaluate aquatic staff and volunteers.

Modify and define entry fee for aquatic facilities as needed.

Oversee the organization, implementation, administration, promotion and evaluation of the aquatics programs and facilities.

Develop flyers, brochures, advertisements, etc. to promote aquatic facilities.

Recommend changes to existing aquatic programs as needed.

Conduct various aquatic entertainments and activities to attract more customers.

Assist in research, facilitation and building quality aquatic programs that provide customer satisfaction.

Provide information about aquatics programs to schools, recreation officials, community service groups, and the general public.

Assist in maintenance and repair of aquatics facilities and equipment.

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