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Head Volleyball Coach Responsibilities and Duties

Set competition performance criteria and evaluate students’ athletic abilities regularly.

Use instructional techniques and media as per student athlete groups’ needs and capabilities.

Protect student athletes, equipment and materials in classroom and athletic facilities.

Oversee and enforce student eligibility criteria for extra-curricular involvement.

Compile, maintain and file reports and records.

Establish policies complying with federal and state laws and State Board of Education rules.

Communicate with parents, students and colleagues.

Establish coaching program evaluation and execute changes based on findings.

Travel with student athletes and monitor teams in athletic ompetitions.

Ensure student discipline in athletic contests, practice sessions and trips.

Promote sportsmanlike conduct during athletic participation.

Communicate with student athletes and parents freely.

Involve parents and community through effective techniques.

Develop professional relationship with students, parents, community members and colleagues.

Recruit highly skilled student athletes for Volleyball team.

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